Static Code Analysis

In this meetup, we’d like to focus on static code analysis and its advantages.

Developers don’t want to make unnecessary mistakes. Nevertheless, while programming, most of us err anyway, and that’s why we want to reveal the flaws as soon as possible. It’s too late to detect them during code review, and much less while deploying the product in the customer’s environment. During code review, nobody wants to check the code line by line and lose time correcting syntactic mistakes. Code review should be about the quality of the software, about design. If the code is full of unnecessary mistakes, it’s hard to focus on what’s important. In order to save time dealing with errors that a machine can find, static code analysis can help greatly.

We’ll show you how we use SonarQube in SolarWinds, and why it might be an interesting tool for you as well.

We’ll show you the five most foolish mistakes SonarQube helped reveal.

Do you use some other tool for static code analysis? We’ll be happy to exchange experience and discuss other possibilities.

We’ll be showing our examples on codes in C# and Java, and therefore it’s suitable you are familiar with these languages.

This meetup will take place on September 5th, 2017, from 17:00.
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