SWI Open House 2017

SolarWinds is one of the most interesting IT companies in Brno that design software for IT folks.

Come to our offices on Holandska 6, Brno, and find out more about products, technologies, and IT areas we work with. We have prepared interesting presentations describing trends and technologies in SolarWinds. The event takes place on April 25th and starts at 15:00. During the Open House our engineers will be ready to discuss individually with you and answer your questions.

In addition, you can join quick contest called ‘data downloading game’ using your smartphone and win power bank GOGEN 10 000 mAh every hour.

We have 30+ products and also 30+ positions open.

Find out more about our open roles here!

From an applications point of view, learn how SolarWinds monitors and manages the IT infrastructure.
Learn about how test automation has evolved at SolarWinds. What have we done well? What mistakes have we made? What lessons have we learned?
Discover the secrets behind the Developers that have made SolarWinds #1 in network management software.
Discover how SolarWinds DPA helps you identify the root causes of database performance issues.
Understand the ‘magic’ behind all of the online services that are available when we need them.
Learn how SolarWinds is incorporating new trends in user interface development, including ASP.Net and Angular JS.
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