Engineer’s guide to user story mapping

Map. Explore. Slice.

When Product Owner comes to the team with an idea, there is no common understanding what he wants. Either he comes with an idea too big and vague that it will take years to implement. Or he comes with an enormous list of something called user stories which might make sense individually but kind of does not fit together. In any case, the development team is lost – what shall we implement and why?

But the PO insists that he needs it and the team must deliver it in 3 months. Is there a way out? Yes. Create a story map. In the workshop, we will guide you through the thinking process of Product Owner and show you how you can together write user stories and organize them in a map that you will both understand and agree on.

An ideal workshop participant is:

  • An engineer who thinks that his PO can’t express himself properly
  • A UX designer who feels that engineers do not listen to them
  • A PO who always gets too big estimates from his team
  • A Scrum Master who wants to enrich his portfolio of useful techniques

You will learn how to:

  • Turn big and fuzzy ideas into implementable stories
  • Choose where to start with big features
  • Cut the fat and keep only the most important aspects of what is needed
  • Think like your user
  • Map the chaos of tens of stories into the big picture of a neatly organized map
  • Track progress on big features

Last but not least you will learn how not to let others tell you what to do but how to define it by yourself.

This workshop has limited number of seats, register today!

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    November 22, 2016 16:00
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    November 22, 2016 19:00
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    Holandská 873/6, 639 00 Brno
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