What’s new in TypeScript 5

We would like to invite you for the first SolarWinds meet-up this year.

Using examples, we will see what awaits us in the newly prepared version of TypeScript. We will try to discuss which of the mentioned news can be useful for us and which can possibly cause us problems. We will stop, for example, at Decorators, performances, and especially breaking changes. The meeting is suitable for everyone who is interested in news in the world of front-end development, especially Angular. You only need basic knowledge of TypeScript or JavaScript for the event.

The host of the whole event will be Jiří Pokorný.

He works as a programmer at SolarWinds and a trainer in .NET C#. He mainly focuses on quality control and continuous delivery. In the past, he lectured on C# programming electives at BUT and Masaryk University. Contributed to the development of the open-source project https://github.com/terminals-Origin/Terminals. He is one of the longest-serving organizers at WUG and has also contributed to several lectures throughout the country.

This event will take place on March 7th, at 16:00 at SolarWinds, Holandská 873/6, Brno.


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