The Best Things in Life are Free, Even in IT!

Why free tools are a critical part of SolarWinds’ mission to deliver powerful IT management solutions

Recognized today as the #1 Network Monitoring Solution by industry analyst firm International Data Corporation® (IDC®), SolarWinds has been a major contributor to the growth and technological improvements within the network and systems management industry. The products SolarWinds has contributed to the world of network monitoring, systems monitoring, security, and others, has significantly facilitated the work of IT pros worldwide. The products SolarWinds deliver are recognized as powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable.

However, it is said that the best things in life are free, not just affordable, right?

In 2002, SolarWinds launched its first free tool, Advanced Subnet Calculator. From then on, SolarWinds made it a point to continue developing highly functional and innovative free tools that help users solve real day-to-day issues within their networks and systems. Today, SolarWinds strives to take their mission to the next level by hiring a team of developers to create new free tools that have not yet been released on the market.

But why give out free tools? Because they have been essential to the growth of SolarWinds, benefiting thousands of network administrators, help desk gurus, systems administrators, and other IT pros across the globe. Free tools signal to SolarWinds users that the organization understands, sympathizes with, and helps resolve the problems IT professionals encounter daily. Most importantly, free tools raise awareness about the SolarWinds brand and products, while also pointing IT pros to purchasable products they can use to further facilitate their daily work.

With more free tools in the pipeline already, SolarWinds plans to continue creating highly functional, easy-to-use, free tools. Recently, the release of the powerful network discovery tool, SolarWinds® Port Scanner, has initiated a new breed of free tools to come. The power that this free network discovery tool packs is already gaining the attention of users worldwide.

Designed mainly for teams of network administrators working in businesses of all sizes, Port Scanner delivers insight into TCP and UDP ports statuses, resolves hostname and MAC addresses, and detects operating systems. Even more importantly, it enables users to run a scan from a CLI and export the results into a file. It also has loads of other great features.

With more awesome free tools already on their way, SolarWinds is evolving and expanding rapidly. The company is always on the lookout for talented developers and IT pros.

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