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AUG: Jira load testing using Gatling
March 15, 2018
On March 15th, 2018, we host an Atlassian User Group session, this time focused on Jira load testing using Gatling presented by Martin Hanus, our Senior Systems Engineer. Atlassian User Group is a community focused on JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Service Desk or any other Atlassian product users. Are you interested? Just come and join...
Testing Unconference II
January 30, 2018
Rádi bychom vás pozvali na naši druhou Testing Unconference, která se uskuteční 30.1.2018 od 16h v prostorách SolarWinds na Holandské 6. Co si představit pod pojmem Unconference? Na Unconferenci se typicky agenda vytváří přímo účastníky na začátku setkání. Kdokoliv chce začít diskusi o tématu, které ho zajímá, může své téma představit ostatním a zabrat si čas a...
Innovate Summit 2017
December 14, 2017
SolarWinds Innovate Summit is headed to Brno, Czech Republic on December 14th, 2017! Innovate is a one-day event and a great opportunity for you to meet and learn from SolarWinds engineers and others in the monitoring community. Spend the day hearing talks from experts and fellow devs on topics ranging from in-field issues to cutting-edge...
Ethical hacking and Penetration testing workshop
November 20, 2017
There are many myths that companies follow to discredit the need for Security Testing, for example: “We don’t need a Security Policy”, “We’re only a small business”, or “There’s no return on investment in Security Testing”, and so on. We would like to present why security testing is an important part of testing for software...
Testing Unconference
September 12, 2017
No question unanswered. No topic prohibited. Everyone invited. Good beer and specialties on the grill, even for vegetarians. That is the promise of Unconference, the unexpectedly successful event format used all over the world. That is what we at SolarWinds decided to organize for you. “Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees...
Static Code Analysis
September 5, 2017
In this meetup, we’d like to focus on static code analysis and its advantages. Developers don’t want to make unnecessary mistakes. Nevertheless, while programming, most of us err anyway, and that’s why we want to reveal the flaws as soon as possible. It’s too late to detect them during code review, and much less while...
Agile Game Event
August 1, 2017
Are you into agile? Passionate agile specialist? Scrum Master or just an agile-curious SW engineer? And do you like playing games? Summer is coming and we have a nice spacious terrace with a grill. Perfect! So let’s put that together and play some agile games. Together. And while the playing, we can have a grill...
Coderetreat 2017
May 27, 2017
Do you still remember the time when you got your first computer? Or that time when you exchanged games on diskettes with the other geeky kids in school? When playing games was not enough and you wondered how those games were made? Or when you exchanged code snippets during school breaks or Czech/Slovak classes? You...