Technology Events

Ethical hacking and Penetration testing workshop
November 20, 2017
There are many myths that companies follow to discredit the need for Security Testing, for example: “We don’t need a Security Policy”, “We’re only a small business”, or “There’s no return on investment in Security Testing”, and so on. We would like to present why security testing is an important part of testing for software...
SWI Open House 2017
April 25, 2017
SolarWinds is one of the most interesting IT companies in Brno that design software for IT folks. Come to our offices on Holandska 6, Brno, and find out more about products, technologies, and IT areas we work with. We have prepared interesting presentations describing trends and technologies in SolarWinds. The event takes place on April...
Docker from scratch
March 14, 2017
Is Docker only a buzzword or a real tool which can help you? Never heard that word? Do you want to start using it? Come to our Docker meetup and we will introduce you to the Docker world: Basic overview about Containers Benefits & Use cases of Containers History of Containers (OpenVZ, LXC, …) Docker...
SolarWinds TechSummit 2016
December 8, 2016
Come to our second SolarWinds TechSummit and meet with experts in various IT related areas. Listen to talks, network with another SW developers, chat about current technology trends and challenges in IT management SW and have some fun! The event takes place on Thursday December 8th from 5pm. Besides all mentioned activities the participants will...