Meetup Events

Docker from scratch
March 14, 2017
Is Docker only a buzzword or a real tool which can help you? Never heard that word? Do you want to start using it? Come to our Docker meetup and we will introduce you to the Docker world: Basic overview about Containers Benefits & Use cases of Containers History of Containers (OpenVZ, LXC, …) Docker...
Engineer’s guide to user story mapping
November 22, 2016
Map. Explore. Slice. When Product Owner comes to the team with an idea, there is no common understanding what he wants. Either he comes with an idea too big and vague that it will take years to implement. Or he comes with an enormous list of something called user stories which might make sense individually...
IF-less programming
September 8, 2016
We would like to invite you to our next meetup, this time focused on C#. The event will take place on September 8th from 16:00. Agenda: When improving their skills, developers usually encounter topics like Design Patterns or Inversion of Control sooner or later. But they often forget to sharpen their basic skills. We will...